Bangkok Local Guide

You just arrived in Bangkok and have no idea where to start. There seems to be so many interesting places to go and a thousand things to do, but you got only very limited time. Don't worry, we will show you around!Bangkok Local Guide will let you roam the city like a local. The places and activities are arranged in "tours" that you can follow. In each place or activity in the tour, you will see corresponding essential information, guides, history or even legends. 

What we provide:

  • Tours that will make the best of your precious day
  • Each tour consists of a list places to discover, and the best route to visit them (Trust us, our routes are the best. We live here.)
  • Comprehensive insider info on each place, sight and activity
  • Bangkok surviving tips

What we do NOT provide:

  • Unorganized list of things to see and do. Yes, other places tell you Top-10 places, but which one to see first? How to make the best of my days? We will tell you what to see and do -- in order. 
  • Local day-tour that you have to pay on site. Survive with our tours by yourself, at your own pace and time.
  • List of all restaurants or bars in Bangkok. What you see in our app are the ones that we do recommend. The ones we like.

Bangkok Local Guide was made by those who live in Bangkok. We love our city and we want to show you around. In addition, we have lived in Europe for almost 10 years. So we know what you want to see, and we know what we have.
We actually walked the tour and take virtually all pictures in our app by ourselves. So, we are confident that these tours will really help you. It is the app truly made with passion.

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